Anna is a freelance illustrator and animation director based out of Vancouver, Canada. Her whimsical and richly ornamental work is featured in Australian and US magazines, and she has also directed short animated films and commercials, including projects for the American Civil Liberties Union and Suntory. She studied traditional animation and has a BA from Sheridan College.

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Notable upcoming publications:

    Salma the Syrian Chef - written by Danny Ramadan, illustrated by Anna Bron. 2020.

    Love Letters from Everest - directed by Celeste Coon, animation direction by Anna Bron. 2020.

Select clients/projects:

ACLU; Amazon; McDonald's; Kellog's; Sainsbury's; Kraft; Quaker; Oreo; Hermès; Motorola G; Toyota; Honda; Suntory; NSPCC; Balsillie School of International Affairs; Amulet Books; Smithsonian Magazine; Cricket Magazine; The School Magazine; Annick Press; Hornet Inc; Global Mechanic.