The Forgotten Four

A six-episode animated series was created for Meow Wolf's Convergence Station, an immersive experience based in Denver, CO.

Andrew Whyte and I were responsible for bringing the ice world of Eemia to life, from storyboarding and design, through to finished and composited animation. Directed by Elyse Kelly and Jason Carpenter, and produced by Holly Stone. A full list of credits in the linked video. Only fragments of the film are shown below. 2021.

Creativity in Isolation

As a response to the Covid 19 pandemic, makeup artist Jonathan Fernandez shares his story. Created for Symtuza in partnership with Complex and Mighty Oak (full list of credits in video link). 2020.

Love Letters from Everest is a short film about a long-distance love story unfolding via letters exchanged during the 1956 Everest expedition. Using a combination of live action stop-motion, traditional animation, and dozens of archival photographs, this production was the combined effort with director Celeste Koon and Storyline Entertainment. The film has been accepted into numerous festivals and was released by CBC online in February 2020.

Activities of Daily Living, 
animation designed as a backdrop for a one-woman theatrical stage production written and performed by Joanna Lipari. The project spanned over 100 shots divided amongst 7 stories.
Produced by ACME Filmworks, 2019

Johnny’s Home is a short film for the ACLU about mass incarceration in the United States. Produced by Acme Filmworks, 2017.

Suntory water commercials directed by Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis. Animation direction was done by me. Produced by Acme Filmworks. Created between 2014 - 2017.

A trailer loosely based on my illustrated book The Gilded Idol. 2017.

Room experiment, 2018.

Red Bird, 2014.

Fantasy vs. Reality is a public service announcement on the sexual exploitation of teens in the UK for the NSPCC. Created in collaboration with Diego Maclean. 2013.